Finding the right car at the right price, is often a challenge. Finding the right dealer to do business with, well that too can be as much of a challenge.

At Shaw GMC Chevrolet Buick in Calgary, AB, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our knowledgeable sales and service teams raise the customer care bar to the highest level. If you have never purchased or had your car serviced here at Shaw GMC Chevrolet Buick, allow us the opportunity to earn your business.

I am writing this letter to commend Della LaValley for the wonderful job she is doing for your organization. My wife and myself have leased our last two cars from GM. GM has, in the past few years, managed to upset both of us to the point that we had decided not to go through your company again for either purchase or lease. We were upset that GM cancelled our car (Pontiac) and then went ahead and cancelled our dealership (McKay Pontiac) that was located within walking distance of our home. Then we were informed that our new dealership was some place near Crowchild Trail in the North of Calgary. This dealership, when a person does manage to find it, is darned near impossible to get in or out of. As our lease was drawing to a close, my wife and I began looking at Kia, Ford, Hyundai and other companies and then along came Della. She phoned us up out of the blue and invited us to drop in to see your cars. Perhaps out of loyalty, we responded. Because of that phone call and because Della treated us so very well, we are now driving away in a new GM product. But the story does not quite end there. My sister-in-law is also driving away in a new GM product. Apart from concentrating on customer realations and service, Della has learned two rules that I teach in my classes. Rule number one: It's amazing how much you can please your boss when you simply DO YOUR JOB! Rule number two: It's not simply enough to do your job, SURPRISE AND DELIGHT YOUR BOSS WHENEVER YOU GET THE CHANCE TO DO SO! Simple rules really, but so many of my employees spend their days at work trying to avoid these rules. Because of Della's persistence and her devotion to customers, you have managed to sell two new vehicles to my family. Had we not heard from her, we would both probably be driving Fords. I wish you all the very best.

Robert I.

I brought my car in two times recently to complete the required work as 2 parts needed to be ordered. Kyle completely kept in touch with me as to the status of what was being done and timeline for completion. This personal touch to customers is greatly appreciated. Bravo to your mechanics and service representatives.


He was cordial and polite and listened and recorded all of the concerns I had regarding my vehicle. Though in for just an oil change and problem with the driver seat Shaw mechanics went above and beyond and thus discovered three potentially serious leaks which now need to be repaired under warranty. I am very impressed with everyones due dilligence and drive towards customer satisfaction.


I was going to buy a truck several months ago, but decided the timing wasn't right. I promised Charlie that I would call him up when I was ready to buy. I gave him a call a couple months later, he knew exactly who I was and we picked up where we left off. The selection and purchase of my Colorado was very smooth and at no point was I confused or in the dark about what was going on. I will definately be purchasing my next truck with Shaw GMC again.


In the past week my wife and I purchased a Buick Enclave from Shaw GMC. Before proceeding with our purchase I spent considerable time looking at alternatives including other makes, models, and dealers. During this process there was a valiant effort made by other dealers to secure our business but it was the professional conduct, frien...dly manner, and attention to detail of Shaw that won us over. I believe that outstanding service should be acknowledged, and I would like to take this opportunity thank the people we dealt with. Himanshu Tadiparty was instrumental in closing the deal. His pleasant manner and professional conduct were key to our decision on purchasing this vehicle from Shaw. Upon collection of the vehicle we had the opportunity to also deal with the parts and service departments. Shaun Saumer proved knowledgeable when providing assistance with our questions on accessories. His friendly manner while sourcing our parts was appreciated. In the service department Johny Kandalaft offered a warm greeting and made us feel valued as a customer. There is no question that Shaw will be our choice for all of our service and parts requirements. Other members of the team including Duane Egan and Rick Bodkin also extended a warm welcome and were readily available to assist. I look forward to purchasing our 2nd vehicle in the next few months from Shaw. It is the caliber of their people which has ensured that we will most certainly be a repeat customer.


I am writing today to let you know that I am very impressed with how things are done at your service department. I was recently in with my 2011 Silverado HD and I had the pleasure of dealing with Johny Kandalaft. In my business if my truck stops, my income stops. Last Friday morning my truck informed me it was going to be shutting down. I called Shaw right away because of my previous experience with a former service rep. I was apprehensive when I found out she was gone but I went ahead anyways. Johny booked me in immediately and kept me informed all along the way. I was back up in a matter of hours and was able to complete my necessary work without losing any revenue. Johny saved the day for me and that is the crucial point. I am the go to car guy in my social circle and I will be recommending everyone I know to go see Johny at Shaw GMC. Thank You.


I cannot recommend a better dealership than Shaw GMC when it comes to variety of trucks! Staff at Shaw GMC make sure you find what you are looking for and will give you an awesome deal! The location is excellent and the staff are SO friendly!


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